Terms and Policy.

Production time for this prosthetic device is 24-26 weeks. There are no cancelations. Please be aware that new orders are being integrated with our back orders and production time is just an estimate. A pre-shipment video of the product is emailed to the customer for approval before shipment. Upon reception, if any alterations need to be made, repairs or other wise, we will provide this free of charge within the first 14 days.

How do I place an order?

Email theultimateprosthetic@yahoo.com with your order specifications, delivery address and name of recipient to commence your order.

Delivery time: Email to inquire about the Stealth production time. Currently it is 12-16 weeks. We are scheduled to complete back orders of the older models (Basic and Advanced) as our company grows by the end of 2015 with the help of our new employee staff. In the mean time we have new production strategy for the Stealth and are using it as a jumping off point and a fresh start.

Caring for your prosthetic: You can wash your prosthetic while in the shower on the outside as usual and use our provided tool to wash the inside. Use the tool to draw up soapy water and insert it into the tip of the shaft. Squeeze the soap/water mix into the shafts urethra will wash your anatomy behind the tab as well as the silicone. Repeat with regular wat Use a condom for safe sex. Don't use silicone lubricant. Handle your prosthetic with care and treat as your most prized possession. Keep it in a nice place when not wearing it (resting on a silk pillow case would be a good example). Remove it by peelin down the tab, never by the shaft. Avoid underwear and clothing that may cause excessive rubbing.

Do you do repairs?: Yes we do offer repairs. Email us with any questions or concerns. Repairs are 49.95

How do I wear the prosthetic?: This prosthetic is designed to be adhered to you securely with our Extreme Adhesion System. Everything you need is included with your order.

Wear tight boxer breifs for the most comfort.

The new Stealth tab comes with our special brush on medical adhesive. It forms the longest extreme adhesion for 5-7 days or until you decide to remove it.

How do I use the prosthetic to urinate?: Stand with your feet slightly apart. Pull the shaft out and push the built in leakproof rim against you. When you are finished shake your shaft and it's as simple as that

Email us at theultimateprosthetic@yahoo.com with any further questions.