The Stealth and The Extender


A new beginning

**We have recently expanded the company and moved into our new workshop. We have chosen enthusiatic folks to be our new production team. They are dedicated to manufacturing both back orders and current orders. We love our customers and have made a turn towards bright horizons. **

Click below to view video showcasing the Scrotal Attachment System while being worn! Heads up: 18+, very real.

Stealth 2017 (HD)

*Each Stealth kit now comes with a 3-pack of Tommy John's underwear. (easy access, support and a utility pocket) penile prosthetic

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Ordering info

To place an order, email and include your name, shipping address and product (Please read the descriptions we have provided on this page first. Also see FAQ).

25% off of up front orders.

Payment plans can be commenced with a down payment followed by monthly installments.

Shipping is typically done through USPS unless otherwise specified and we use discreet packaging.

penile prosthetic 2015 Stealth Video

2014 Stealth Video

The Stealth

This model is designs for transgendered men with no surgery.

Price: 939 USD for reglar orders and 1,250 USD for the payment plan

. Production time is 12-14 weeks.

Flaccid length: 5 inches

Erect length 7 inches

Girth: 5 inches (Varies between flaccid and erect, can be customized)

New Scrotal Attachment System

New photos

penile prosthetic

We have made an advancement to how the wearer's body attaches to the Stealth.

Now, once it is fully attached, the left and right sides of the scrotum are made up of your skin.

The Erection and Ejaculation Systems The Erection and Ejaculation systems are now done with one easy insertable tool. It is made of pliable yet firm silicone and there is a plug in the back. You open that to fill it up with pseudo semen, and reclose the plug. You can insert the tool through the back and this will make the shaft thicker and longer as well as pass very detailed vibration and sensations to your own erect phallus. For example, when the top portion of the head or shaft is bumped or rubbed, it passes feeling to the top of your shaft, same with the bottom and sides.

To ejaculate, apply enough pressure when massaging the shaft to cause the internal fluid to exit with force.

Now you can feel your testicles as your skin becomes the scrotum, your own phallus is connected with the prosthetic shaft and all the functions are even easier to perform. Since the addition of the new scrotal advancement, peeing is extremely simple. You can do this one handedly.

Attachable: Can wear for 3-4 days before reattaching. The new Power Tab (made with latex)is specially formulated to attach the prosthetic to your body securely. Simply brush on the provided adhesive to the back of the tab and allow to dry. Then, place your prosthetic over your private area allowing your natural phallus to enter the back opening. This creates a bond between you and your prosthetic. If you have sensitive skin, prep wipes are provided.

A very significant amount of sensation is passed through to your genitals from your prosthetic as it is an extension of you.

STP System: This function is easy to use once the prosthetic is attached. We provide brush on adhesive that, in conjunction with the Scrotal Attachment System, provides a bond like no other. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and sweat proof. This makes the STP system foolproof. To urinate simply pull out your shaft and go.

The Erection and Ejaculation systems: Each order of the Stealth Comes with a container of our Psuedo Semen (now called Ultimate Fluid) and an Erection Rod.

*all tools provided.

Outer Moveable Skin Layer: The foreskin behaves and feels exaclty like bio skin. The skin also has a smooth finish.

prosthetic foreskin penile





The Blending System: Once the prosthetic is on, apply the provided Blending mix over the edges. Stealthness!

The Extender

Price: 550.00 USD for up front orders and 650.00 USD with the payment plan. Email for details.

Description: Unlike The Stealth, this model is a prosthetic made to accomodate either a cis gendered male or post bottom surgery trans men. It is designed to be a comfortable sleave over the shaft and attaches at the base using the Extreme Adhesion System. Adhesive is included in your package. This is an ideal product for men suffering from Erectile Disfunction, micro penis or post cancer treatment.

The shaft is flaccid and can be made erect with the use of the included Erection Rod. The skin is completely realistic and is moveable. If you desire any additional features such as Ejaculation System or Scrotum, The Stealth (customized to your needs) is what you need.





The skin is smooth to the touch and the entire prosthetic feels like flesh. This enhances the realism and comfortability while it is attached


Bruce, 61, MI - December 6, 2014

"The moment I saw the stealth I was blown away but it appeared to be made for women so wasn't sure if it could solve my issue. I'm a middle-aged man was who struggled with erectile disfunction for the last four years. I had no issue with my sex drive, but often times I was not physically up to the task. After years of this it began to affect my marriage. I contacted the ultimate prosthetic to see what they could do for me and was relieved to hear they had something for me. In six months the product arrived. The detail is on par. It took some getting used to but after a few days I got the hang of it. My marriage has strengthened since having my prosthetic. What I enjoy most is the size increase. I was worried it would feel bulky but I barely feel anything except a bigger penis. I recommend."

Laura, 30, UK - February 20th, 2015

"I ordered the stealth in September 2015 and almost $2000 this was a lot of money for me. Being a lesbian I was hesitant to purchase this product as it resembled actual male genitalia plus I had only experienced strap-ons. I always enjoyed pleasuring my partner this way but the activity rarely gave me an orgasm. When I emailed these guys I talk to someone named Richie and he told me they were working on releasing something called the Sly and would give me the first crack at it. So, I will note that he told me I would get it in the mail and under 12 weeks when in actuality it took a whole five months. I was about to ask for my money back when I finally got it. Let me say the sex is amazing. When I'm wearing this prosthetic, with the pleasure bump on the back I definitely feel it on my clit. The softness makes penetration more comfortable for my partner and now we can have the big O at the same time. I don't wear it all the time mostly just for sex but we have had a ball taking it on sexcapades. At first not having a harness on made me feel naked (no pun intended) and I was worried it would come off. It didn't.. in fact I could only remove it by using the pads it came with. Originally, I got this for special occasions but I'll never go back. My girlfriend is bisexual and she says she enjoys the softness and skin because it feels like a real penis."

Timothy, 21, Fl - January 8, 2015

"My life has changed since beginning my journey with the ultimate prosthetic. I was searching for a prosthetic that would allow me to do everything a bio guy can do. I started my FTM transition three years ago and I was on cloud nine going through the transformation. Soon after my body settled into maleness my dysphoria increased quite a bit. My plan was to save up for surgery but I heard many horror stories of lots of pain and complications. Being a student I don't have the money to afford it either. I did NOT know anything like The Stealth existed and when I saw the video my heart skipped a beat. I had to have it. I took a huge leap of faith because I couldn't find any reports. I ordered with the waiting time of 12 to 6 weeks on July 10, 2014 and it didn't arrive until December 20. This was the shitty part. When I received it I opened the package and it was spot on. I followed the manual to attach it instantly I felt whole. Peeing for the first time was trippy as hell. I'm very thankful for this and happy with my purchase."

Bradley, 23, NJ - March 15, 2015

"Okay I was asked to write a review so here goes. To be honest, the waiting period was off putting. Sometimes it would take them days to respond to my emails and I thought I had been screwed. The original production time was supposed to be 8 to 10 weeks and for my order it took 14 weeks. I've had The Stealth for about 2 months and it's the shit! I had a ******* (STP) before but never anything this realistic. I am socially stealth and this gives me a lot more self-esteem. I don't have to use the stall when I end up being in the bathroom with my homies or lock the door in those stall-less bar johns. I'm proud to say I've had a stealth sexual experience as a man and it was maaaad dope! The main use I get from this is peein at the urinal and I still get all pumped up before I do it. All in all, they really need to fix their timing, but man this is exactly what I was looking for."

Mathew, 39, May 1, 2015

"After watching the video, I knew I had to have this. Upon it's arrival me and the wife were freaked out by how real it felt. With the moving skin it was almost scary, in a good way. It's very flaccid and plush. We didnt wait long before trying it out in the bedroom. It got thicker when I pumped it up, but not much longer, which is one thing i would change about it. Once I was inside her she describe it as the most realistic thing she's ever felt. We didn't need any lube because it has none of the stickiness a dildo has. I now wear this everyday. This is everything it says to be and you get what you pay for."