Introducing The Pro-V

Introducing The Pro-V by Choice Tools!

This brand new invention is designed to provide individuals with the experience of having a vagina. The prosthetic attaches at the top and down the sides of the private area, while the shaft is inserted inside the back sleeve. You can wear the Pro-V as long as you'd like and when you are ready to remove it, use the supplied removal wipes to detach the edges. We recommend wearing 3 days at a time.

Adhesive is included. Once the prosthetic is attached, use the provided Blending System to smooth over the edges for 100% stealthness (undetectable as a prosthetic to the eye).

While wearing this prosthetic you can urinate while seated as there is a built-in urethra that carries the flow out through the bottom opening (see below). There is also a lubricated vaginal canal that is located appropriately so that when the penetrator enters, they are rubbing and contacting the head of the wearer's shaft through the soft thin silicone wall between them.

Imagine the possibilties.

Price: 650 USD for full up front orders 890 USD for payment plan.

We have recently expanded the company with a production team and moved into our new workshop.

Production time is 12 weeks.

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prosthetic vagina

Above photo shows Pro-V being worn by a trans woman. prosthetic vagina trans female prosthetic vaginal prosthetic vagina

prosthetic vagina



prosthetic vagina


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